700 Water St.

For a long time in the 90s, one or more members of the lloyd-tones were in a largely-unheardof band called 700 Water St. The name, the lineup changes, the laziness. You can come up with a lot of reasons that the band never really went anywhere. But we're pretty sure you can't fault the music. It wasn't the prettiest, and it wasn't necessarilly the best, but it was at least somewhat unique and it varied too much from song to song ever to be boring. Maybe that was the problem...

In any case, Water St. was and still kinda is, at least occasionally over lunch. So without further ado, the lloyd-tones present for your enjoyment the one-and-only, never released, 700 Water St. album, Dead End.

  1. (This Song Used To Be Called) Falling Down Drunk *
  2. Little Sister Goldenheart $
  3. Waiting For Godot &
  4. In The... *
  5. Could It? $
  6. Gotch-Eyed Maggie *
  7. Drivin' To Tulsa *
  8. 17 Days *
  9. Simon Says $
  10. Good Year For The Roses &
  11. Could It Be You? *
  12. Brian On A Roll $
  13. It's Hard *
  14. The Elephant, Man $
  15. Some Parade *
  16. Home To Heaven *
  17. All For You *
  18. Unbearable Lightness $
  19. Walk &
  20. Not The Only One *
  21. It's Over *
  22. If I Only Had A Brain
  23. Without You $
  24. Americana $
  25. Surf/Pixies *

personnel and info

Drums & Vocals: Jeff "stugh" Grosser
Guitar & Vocals: Curtis "stan" Long
Bass & Vocals: Andrew "steev" Trent

Recorded (spring '96) and Mixed (fall '98) at AudioArts Studio, where Jeff Moeller worked the boards like a king.

* © 1998 Winged Skull Songs
$ © 1998 RockDog Music
& © 1998 wooleyboogie music/Winged Skull Songs

Thanks to all our friends and families for their support and encouragement over the years. Special acknowledgment is due to the assorted alumni of 700 Water St.: J. Mark "Slushy" Russell, David "Cornelius" Stone, Barton "Krusty" Davis, Mason "Sleepy" Jones, John "Xonk" Dawson, Kevin "Otis" Photiades, and Wayne "Horrible" Korbl.

The Austin Outhouse is dead, Long live the Austin Outhouse.

Drivin' To Tulsa was co-written by David Harp, Brian Farry, Jon Melançon, and Steev.