giving back the lloyd-tones' way

the lloyd-tones are committed to sharing the wealth. it's the kind of people we are. so in the name of giving back to the world, we devised a plan for a perpetual giving approach and a release-based giving approach. details on these two programs are outlined below.

perpetual giving: the texas music project

the lloyd-tones benefitted greatly from strong music education in texas schools. it's safe to say that without that education there probably wouldn't be a lloyd-tones at all. therefore, the lloyd-tones have chosen the texas music project as our perpetual charity. the lloyd-tones will donate 1¢ per song sold from any release to the tmp. this donation plan will remain in place so long as (a) the lloyd-tones have music for sale and (b) the texas music project is willing to accept out filthy lucre.

release-based giving: hiroshima peace culture foundation

the lloyd-tones have selected the hiroshima peace culture foundation as the release-based charity associated with super kaiju monster blast. because of the ep's thematic ties a certain large reptilian monster whose name we choose not to use for legal reasons, and because of that self-same critter's connections to the history of the atomic bomb, the lloyd-tones will donate 5¢ per song sold in from this ep to the hpcf.