meet the lloyd-tones

the lloyd-tones are the culmination of countless years working the six-string and the thunder broom. from the early-80s on, under different names, the lloyd-tones have pursued the elusive sound of the american underground.

the lloyd-tones owe their biggest debt to the greatest diy band of all time, the minutemen. the lloyd-tones have been and continue to be inspired by many other musicians (and writers, and painters, and poets, and so on), and if you listen closely there's no telling what influence you might spot in any given lloyd-tones song. but without the drive and play of d. boon, mike watt and george hurley the odds are strong there would be no lloyd-tones songs to hear at all.

if you don't know the minutemen, please consider giving them a listen. it would honor the lloyd-tones deeply to introduce you to their music.